Episode 2

In this episode Australia is truly proven to be a most dramatic place. Alex is trying out the role as an undercover podcaster while Paul is getting the chance to reconnect with several dangers of his motherland. Join in on the action and stay tuned (and safe) for more excitement to come.


P & A

One of many┬ábeautiful (and crocodile free) waterholes in Litchfield National Park – Wangi falls.


In to the fire!


Episode 1

After regaining consciousness fram a full blown jetlag-attack we managed to check out Darwins finest – Mindil beach markets. We also saw what we would like to call a super-duper sunset. Our special guest in this episode is Joanne Donnelly, with some great laughters for the ambiance.

Next episode is just around the corner and it is full of action – so stay tuned!

Mindil Beach sunset. Note that there are not a single person in the water…Beware of the crocs.